Bryan's review of our concert in Rochester Cathedral


Messiah 2nd March 2019 Rochester Cathedral

It was such a privilege to be conducting you all on 2nd March.  You responded so very well; and what an excellent venue in which to sing such a very great work!  To be at the helm, drawing from you all such good singing was a joy, thank you. Chorus after chorus came alive, as you communicated the text and added purpose to Handel’s music.

So much ran smoothly as regards all the organisation of the day – or if it didn’t, I didn’t hear about it.  My thanks to all who helped to make our visit to Rochester such a very special visit.

Our orchestral players and our soloists enjoyed their time with us, and gave of their very best.  I’ve no doubt that each of you has a memory of a particular point in an aria that touched you, for all of our soloists sang with such beautiful colours and shape to the musical lines, occasionally holding up a note or word that they wished to make especially poignant.

From beginning to end of rehearsal and performance you concentrated and sang with confidence and joy; and that unaccompanied bit, which so often falls flat, was perfect!

Bryan Gipps

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