With thanks to Gilly for the translation for Ave Stella Maris





13  Hail, hail, hail, star of the sea
25  Mother of God bountiful mother and always virgin
36  Happy gate of heaven
53  Loosen our bonds offer light
59  Banish our sins
61  Ask for everything good
65  Offer light to the blind banish our sins
75  Lord my light and my salvation
82  Lord the strength of my life whom shall I fear

115 Those who go down to the sea in ships
125  Who do their business in great waters
127  They have seen the works of the Lord 
133  And his miracles in the deep
143  He spoke and the raging winds arose
151  They rose into the sky

179  They cried, however, to the Lord
187  In their tribulation
192  And he leads them out of their trouble
198  He holds the whirlwind
207  In tranquillity
217  Lord my light and my salvation
223  Grant a pure life
227  All prepare for the journey that seeing Jesus, always, always, always they may rejoice together always
257  In God in God the Father, May there be praise to God the Father, grace to Christ on high and to the holy spirit. Honour to the three in one
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