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Safeguarding Policy

All members should read our policy

Safeguarding Policy

1. Introduction:


Sutton Valence Choral Society (‘SVCS’) is a registered charity (number 1119160) which promotes music in the local community by providing its members the opportunity to learn and perform choral works to a high standard through rehearsals at Sutton Valence School (‘the School’) and public performances at the School and other, mainly local, venues.


2. Events:


‘Events’ comprise the rehearsals and public performances referred to above, together with any other musical activities such as choral workshops or charitable activities, or any social functions organised by SVCS. Events are organised by the Committee, members of SVCS, and others acting on a voluntary basis together with, where applicable, a conductor, soloists, orchestral players and official accompanists providing their services on a professional basis.


3. Policy:


(i) It is the objective of the Society to create, so far as is reasonably practicable, an environment which is safe as regards children under the age of 18 and vulnerable adults at each Event.


(ii) However, SVCS regards it as the responsibility of all parents or guardians, or carers of vulnerable adults to ensure the safety of their children or charges while attending any Event organised by SCVS and, especially if they are not attending the Event personally, that their children or charges are accompanied and adequately supervised by responsible adults acting on their behalf at all times. This applies equally to cloakrooms, changing rooms and refreshment areas at Events, which are not necessarily supervised by SVCS members or volunteers. 

(iii) The Committee will keep a record of all volunteers who are not members of SVCS who are acting in any official capacity at any Event.


(iv) The Committee will remind members that whilst attending rehearsals or concerts at the School during term time, they may encounter pupils of the School and should try to avoid any one-to-one contact with such pupils and keep any incidental contact to a minimum. They should not enter any areas of the School, and particularly boarding houses, other than those specifically made available to SVCS for the Event concerned. Also, any members attending the School at any time for another reason on SVCS business (eg meeting staff or accessing the music  library) should register as a visitor with Reception.



4. Responsibility of SVCS


SVCS  is a voluntary organisation with no statutory responsibility to investigate allegations of child abuse. It has, however, responsibility to refer any concerns regarding the safety of a child or vulnerable adult to the appropriate agency for investigation. 


SVCS recognises that:


- the welfare of children and vulnerable adults is paramount;


- all children and vulnerable adults, whatever their age, culture, disability, gender, language, racial origin, religious beliefs or sexual identity, have the right to protection from abuse;


- all suspicions and allegations of abuse will be taken seriously and responded to swiftly and appropriately;


- all members of SVCS have a responsibility to report concerns to an appropriate member of the Committee.


Any concern about a child or vulnerable adult directly relevant to attendance at an Event will be referred to the Child Protection Lead who will record the concern and take appropriate action. 

5. Child Protection Lead

The Society shall appoint a member of the Committee as Child Protection Lead, who will ideally hold a current DBS clearance, and who will be responsible for the monitoring of developments in Child Protection issues, and for dealing with any matters relating to, or concerns of, any child or vulnerable adult. The current Lead member is Margaret Jordan.


6. Notification of Policy


The policy will be brought to the attention of members of SVCS on an annual basis and will be permanently displayed on the notice board in the rehearsal venue, and available on the SVCS website.


7. Policy Review


The Committee will formally review this policy at least annually.


Reviewed 31/10/2023.


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